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Much Ado About Nothing Interview

Amy, I have to say that your "Women" speech is one of my absolute favorite...
[crowd and cast cheer]
Amy Acker:
Thank you.
And sort of underlines why she is one of Shakespeare's best women, because she is so strong...cause Joss likes to write strong women characters.
Alexis Denisof:
He wrote this? Holy shit!
[Audience laughs]
Amy Acker:
I mean, luckily for me, I was acting with that guy [points at Denisof] who, you know...once you, and I had that amazing dialogue. That's kind of the scene where, reading the play, for me as an actress, I just thought "Ooh, I want to say that!"
And once you both sort of...died in each others' arms you sort of have a sense of your chemistry together.
Amy, Alexis, and audience:
All of the feels! Alllll of the feels.

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