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I’m convinced that Brian is an animagus. Some teenage wizard that became so obsessed with Chris Colfer that he figured out a way to become an animagus, charm Chris to actually go get a cat, and then just sits around on Chris’ home computer all day long while Chris is at work and just laughs and laughs at all of us obsessing over him.

Guys what if Brian is McGonagall? An 80-year-old lady to keep Chris’s similar soul company.

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“I was able to understand Cinderella’s story, having had a bit of Cinderella’s story of my own. Or Snow White’s story, because sometimes I look for affection in the wrong places too.”

-Chris Colfer, Entertainment Weekly Interview

One of the reasons I adore Chris are the nuggets of honesty he shares with us about himself. Accessible and magical.


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I was just born wanting to be a storyteller, so as long as I get to entertain someone, whether it’s writing a book or screenplay or being in front of or behind a camera, I’m happy. That’s where my bliss is.
Chris Colfer, L.A. Times (NOTE: this interview contains Land of Stories spoilers)

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