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Anonymous asked: [SB AU] So, is your soulmate everything you imagined him to be?




I never let myself imagine, so this has all been a very pleasant surprise.


It is an honor and privilege to see the real you, milady. You are so much more than you realize.


You’re helping, more than you could ever know. I want you to see me. All of me.

And then she gets that wish in a way she never would have expected and never wanted.

You’re a monster.

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someonethatiamnot asked: This is crazy. She's tucked into an alcove in a quiet hallway of her castle (not hers anymore, not really) on her knees fellating a thief who she doesn't even like (she does, she does, it's those dimples & that smirk & his complete immunity to her every attempt at intimidation). But he's not immune to her charms, it seems, nor her flicking tongue or steadily sucking mouth. He is moaning & fisting her hair & when he comes with a tense groan & her name on his lips,she has never felt more powerful.

Look guys! A part 2 to this

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I have a lot of feels about Regina and her reactions to negative stimuli. Lol. Cora always taught her to push it down and choke it back and keep it together. Rumple taught her to channel it into rage. Nobody ever taught her how to be healthy.

Yeah, and one of the things I (and many others) love about her is that she still tries so hard anyway. But how could she be expected to react healthily, to not see the world as a place that is out to get her? Nothing she has known has ever shown her any different, and the second she tries to have an emotionally healthy relationship and falls in love they rip it away from her. It makes me so sad for her, how much she hates herself, and how much she tries to run from that fact through anger and violence.

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I think it’s gonna be okay. Even if she has a moment, and falls back on her usual unhealthy coping mechanisms, I think she’ll stop herself. She’s growing, but, yknow, baby steps. She was never taught proper coping mechanisms for emotional trauma.

^This is true. Robin would probably understand that, as long as she stops herself.

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Anonymous asked: I Am so sad... I am actually crying...;( ..... ..... Gimme me hope'!!! I am desperate ....

Yeah I freaked out, too, best things I can say:

1) That was a totally out of context segment. She might not be talking about the people we think she’s talking about. She may be trying to scare Robin into staying away from her. It make be a head fake like in Witch Hunt, where she acts Evil because it’s the best way for the group to get something done.

2) Regina would never do to Robin what Cora did to her.

3) Regina’s not so stupid as to think that getting rid of Marian would mean Robin would return to her. Really she’s not. Even if the writers wanted her to be, how the hell would they write that without it being so ridiculous even they couldn’t use it?

4) They like fucking with us with previews. Of course they went this route.

5) Why would they ask at the end of 3x22 “Will Regina go Evil?” and then spoil the answer to that question two months before the airing of the episode?

6) Somebody going after Marian would make Regina the first person everyone would blame, and if that’s the case, why wouldn’t she just do it openly if she was going to go that crazy?

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