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I really need a moment this season where Robin and Regina fall apart in each others’ arms.

For all their emotional closeness, they’re both so distant and tense right now.

It does need the release of a sweet kiss that goes passionate and needy, of pushing up against the wall or a tree and kissing and panting and wandering hands.

But it also needs an embrace, tears that are both happy and sad, tension and relief, anger and hope, scrabbling hands and Robin crying into Regina’s neck and Regina crying into Robin’s shoulder and hands pressing into backs and Robin’s fingers in her hair, a biting-but-not-really thief and a dutiful-but-not-really milady. A moment to pull back and stare at each other and wipe away each others’ tears and know that this is right, and everything, and forever.

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Is it because Robin Hood still loves you?

She just doesn’t even know what to do with herself, because she’s never had this particular problem. She’s never had an obstacle and not been able to convince herself that there was something she could tear down or destroy to fix it. She doesn’t know how to fix this one; she can’t even pretend. It’s unfixable, and as certain as she is that they love each other, she’s even more certain she’ll spend her life like this. Alone.

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Anonymous asked: OQ prompt: robin starts to fall back into"darkness"'or whatever it is that he used to be that he was trying to escape. Regina has to pull him back.


This is a mix of two recently provided prompts - what if Marian had actually been a spy for John (no bashing here at all, I try to really treat this idea respectfully) and the above one. So what you have is a bit sad and desperate and melancholy and sure, angsty as hell.  Hope you enjoy it all the same.

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I’ve decided staying up for tonight’s episode is probably not worth it. Message me if exciting things happen.

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evilpandaislana asked: every night robin goes to regina's house (climbs throw the window) and laying with regina and protect her from nightmare


I couldn’t quite get my mind around him needing to climb in through the window, but I hope you like this anyway!

He hasn’t spent much time with her, hadn’t even seen her before Marian’s curse until the day Regina saved her life in the woods. He hadn’t seen her for long though, hadn’t managed to see her eyes, how she truly was. But now, in the space between them in her family crypt, he can see. She hides her exhaustion under makeup, and though the dark circles are masked, the slightly sunken look isn’t. He can see the way her shoulders sag as she looks at Marian’s frozen body, lying now in this secret room adorned with a decor that is impeccably Regina’s from an era he doesn’t know well. He does recognize clothes adorning mannequins from a time long ago, familiar from the year they’d spent together. He looks at the room, looks at his wife, then looks at Regina.

She isn’t all right, and he knows it. She also isn’t his anymore to fuss over. He can be concerned, but he’s lost the right to push her hair out of her eyes and trace the apple of her cheek with his thumb, to tell her he’s worried about her and to ask if she’s sleeping well. His concern should be his wife who is a statue of ice, but his eyes keep pulling toward the woman whose heart he once held in his hand.

He’s made a mistake, but he isn’t sure how to fix it, and Robin can’t now, not with his wife hovering between life and death. Even if he changes the definition of his own honor to correct what he’s broken, he can’t do it when Marian has no way of speaking for herself, though he can imagine what she’d say.

But he has to ask. Has to know why Regina needs to lean against a wall to keep herself upright, why she closes her eyes as if she wants to sleep right then.

"You seem exceptionally tired," he says quietly, warm hand on Marian’s icy arm and it does nothing to melt her.

Regina looks up at him, blinking slowly and rubbing her hands over her face. “It’s been a long day, it’s eleven at night, and it’s not over yet. I need to cast a protection spell around the box with her heart in it and one around the crypt itself. Just in case.”

"It can wait. I’ll have my men set up camp here, they’ll keep watch tonight."

"Your men might not be a match for whoever did this. It took my magic to defeat that snow monster, remember? No amount of arrows you shoot will keep you safe.” Her tone is a little harsh and she softens with a sigh. “I’m sorry. I’ll feel better if I know she’s well protected.”

It baffles him, that Regina is willing to protect Marian this way, the woman between them, the woman Robin chose. It only makes his love for Regina grow in a way he hadn’t thought possible. If she still thought herself evil, he could quell her thoughts by simply pointing out to her the good she was doing here, even if it took time. He can’t argue with her logic though, and he simply nods, watches her work, and an hour later she’s dragging even more, but she looks at him with a nod.

"No one can get to her now."

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