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Regal Believer Appreciation week
Day One: Favorite Regina!Mommy/Henry!Son moment(s)

Out of all the wonderful Regina & Henry moments, I’ve chosen these two for this challenge because they give us insight into something we’ve seen very little of on the show: a touch of domesticity, a peek into Regina and Henry’s life and relationship sans drama. This is usually the sphere of headcanons. But in these scenes, we’re finally allowed a look.

In 3x09, Regina knows that look because how many times has she seen it throughout the years? How many times has she tucked in her growing Little Prince or sat by his bed because he hasn’t been feeling well? She blames pizza and computer games, but she’s not at all reprimanding here; she cracks an inside joke that’s theirs alone. It makes you wonder how many pizzas the Mills mansion has seen and how many times Regina has rolled her eyes before giving in to Henry’s clamouring for one for dinner because, well, she has to give that one to him secretly (or so she thinks): pizza is good.

In 3x19, pizza makes a return as a recurring joke. What Regina asks for and Henry is only too happy to share are small, everyday things, down to the last detail. Because apart from that one year, they’ve always shared those moments. The mood of this scene is one of the most heartwarming ever, starting from their faces and the way they keep holding on to each other to the tone of their conversation. Henry’s excitement at the retelling and the absolute bliss on Regina’s face (she has only just gotten her son back after a year by means of a shared TLK!) intensify when he proudly breaks his math success story to her. You can almost see, from this tiny moment, all those times Regina and Henry sat over his math homework together, and this shared struggle for improvement is what makes Henry so excited to share (look at the little bouncing thing he does!), and Regina so proud and happy to hear (and me - us? - so emotional to watch).



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Anonymous asked: Are you inspired by the authors SomewhereApart and Whas'up? :)

Yes :)

I think I have a very different style and take on the characters, but I’ve read and loved Fester and much of SomewhereApart's stuff.

Whas’up goes to much darker places than me and certainly than the show, which is always fun and interesting to read (and when I say fun I mean painful.)

The thing I most admire about SomewhereApart is the way I can always feel the intimacy between Robin and Regina, the way they really cannot help themselves from being close and drawing comfort from each other.

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Anonymous asked: When Regina and Robin get back together, every argument they have would go like this: Regina:"bla bla bla" Robin:"You killed my wife!" Regina:"..." The end.



Or not.

I doubt Robin would ever say something like that. I believe they would never mention it, because it’s a wound too painful for both sides. Besides, Robin is too much of a gentleman to hurt Regina deliberately.

My personal head canon is that after this entire mess is over, they promise each other never to bring it up during fights. Robin cannot use Marian against Regina, and Regina cannot use the fact that he left her against him. 

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Anonymous asked: How do you feel about Regina being all broken up because of a guy next season? It doesn't make sense, she's shown how strong she is without a guy and now, here she is walking down the street crying. I don't get it, I hate it, and instead of showing that she can be strong without a man, instead now she can only do good and have light magic if she has a dude around, otherwise she's sad and depressed.


Well, here’s the thing.

When you are in love with someone, and that someone is the first adult to show you intimate affection most likely since the love of your life was murdered in front of you, you might get a little emotional when his once dead wife is brought back and they’re reunited.

Just a guess.

Regina has in no way been changed to some damsel who is only as good as her man. Remember this?

Not because of a dude. Not because of Robin. She broke that curse because of one person - Henry. And if you could remember canon for just a sec, it was that love that produced light magic. Not a dude then either, though maybe it helped knowing she had not just Robin’s support, but the support of so many others.

So yeah, Regina’s going to be sad. She has a right to be sad. Unless you’re telling me that under normal circumstances when you’re facing a possible break up you don’t get upset. In which case you must be some perfect creature from outer space OR you have never gone through a relationship and breakup/close call. 

Crying because you’re hurting does not reduce a woman to nothing.

Also I want to add that while Regina loves Robin deeply and his loss hurts her in that way, it is also devastating in many, many other ways that have less to do with Robin and much more to do with Regina herself.

She does not believe she deserves happiness. She thinks she has had too many second chances and deserves no more. She thinks she could not be good. She thinks people do not love her or care about her wellbeing. She believes that people put themselves in danger by loving her. She fears feeling, because whenever she loves somebody they leave. 

Her relationship with Robin counteracted all of these fears. She was happy with him (not only because of him, but the time during which she was with him was one of great positive change in her life). He helped her believe that she could be good, and was beginning to convince her that he loved her and cared about her. 

Having all of that ripped away by a past action that solidifies all of those fears I listed (dark, unloveable, evil, destined to hurt the people she loves, destined to hurt her second chance so that he could never love her, destined to wound her soul mate, destined to be unhappy and alone) would be devastating.

Robin is important, she loves him desperately and it hurts that he is gone, but everything he meant to her, the way she saw him as a representation of a positive turn in her life, that hurts even more, and to her it must feel like a representation of the negative turn she deserves.

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Anonymous asked: Do you agree with the opinion that, after Henry, Snow and Rumple are the closest thing Regina has to (living) family? I'm not sure I agree on Rumple, but what of Snow, do you think she still sees her as a step-mother, or more like an older sister? And if it's the latter, now that Zelena is gone, could this be the sisterly relationship that will come out from the parallels between Regina and Elsa this season?


Good question. Let me answer it in two parts because distinctly different relationships.

Snow, I see as a sister relationship and a curious one because Regina is at least six years older, but Snow seems to me to be the older sister much of the time. Regina is reckless and impulsive and has a very very strong self-destructive streak running through her (amongst other things) and thus Snow has taken to watching over her and care-taking for her. Analogy-wise, it’s almost like Regina was the drug-addict sibling who is trying to find her way home and Snow is the one trying to help her get there. I mean there’s more to it, of course and it’s far more complicated than that, but yeah, I definitely see them as something of siblings.

Rum is different. Regina sees him as her mentor and her teacher but you have to wonder if she should. She has a dependency on him that he doesn’t seem to have on her. She treats him like part of her family, but he doesn’t afford her the same (though there are moments where you can see *something* from him like telling her she raised Henry well and in the scene when he accepted her shoving him to react…3x07, I think). But that relationship is in many ways more complicated than even Snow and Regina and I’m not overly sure what it’s equivelent status is in regards to family.

Definitely agree on Snow.

I think Rumpelstiltskin is almost a father figure more than her father was. Her father let her (and more importantly, her mother) walk all over him. Rumpelstiltskin gave her a way out (which was what she needed). However, the way he went about it and the way he continues to treat her (not all of the time, but often) makes him the sort of poisonous father figure—she should not rely on him, because it hasn’t been terribly healthy for her thus far, but she cannot help herself, because people pretty much tend to care what their parents think.

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