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Having someone who LIKES you




who’s by your side SUPPORTING you


FIGHTING your fights with you


who CARES about you


who IS gentle and loving with you


who MAKES you SMILE like that


who LOOKS at you like you’re the most precious thing in the world


who says things like THIS to you



who is IN LOVE with you







does not make you less Strong or Independent



nor does reduce you to just a love interest




on the contrary




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Regina Mills appreciation week, Day 6 → favourite quotes

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Anonymous asked: *crazy question* If you were given the opportunity to write one episode for OUAT and said episode would be a crossover with a show of your choice, which show would you pick and why?

Oooh interesting.

Hmm…Sherlock? Can you imagine the sass between him and Regina?

Sherlock figures out that Storybrooke exists somehow, and tracks it down to solve a case. Lol.

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What do you s e e in me?
                  Hopefully the same thing you s e e in me,
                                                          a  s e c o n d  c h a n c e.

I love how her face opens up and lits up more and more from picture to picture. How her smile grows. How she looks younger and younger. More at peace. More hopeful. Her hopes are returning. Her dreams. Her faith in herself and in a fairer universe (altough this faith is still in baby-shoes and she is still full of insecurities and fears and disbelief). And he is watching and is amazed by this change in her. He always saw her as this woman in the last picture, even when the mask was up, but witness the mask fall and seeing her changing into the person he always knew was there is even better than he imagined.

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Inspired by this. Unedited and sickeningly fluffy.

It’s the doorway to the kitchen, of course, so that whenever Regina’s baking or cooking, she can look over and be reminded of her now not-so-little prince.

The first time was on his first birthday. He was standing and starting to toddle ahead of schedule and when Regina caught him pulling himself up in the door frame, she couldn’t help herself. She kept him still with a gentle hand on his belly while she drew a thin pencil line above his head and wrote Henry-1 above it. He looked up at the line and then back at his mother and giggled as she ruffled his hair.

It was tradition after that. Every year on his birthday, Henry would demand to be measured.

Around three, he started getting smart and he would try to stand on his toes to make himself taller. Regina raised one eyebrow at him and he lowered himself down a little bit, but there was still some extra height there, so Regina’s hand shot out and tickled his thigh until his heels hit the floor and she could measure his real height. Henry-3

He was five when he asked why Regina never got measured. When his mother didn’t answer fast enough, he held out his hand for the pencil and made her take off her shoes and stand against the door frame so he could measure her. It didn’t occur to him, though, that he wouldn’t be able to reach over her head, so he just stood there with his arms outstretched until Regina got the hint and lifted him. He drew a shaky line above her head and wrote, in his childish scrawl, Mommy.

There was only one line missing. He had been out with Emma and Regina couldn’t bring herself to ruin her son’s birthday by making him stay home with her. There wasn’t a line, but between his ninth and eleventh birthdays, she had still written Henry-10.

When he turned seventeen, Regina was barefoot and Henry had just gone through a major growth spurt. It was the first time she ever had to stretch to draw the line. The words were messier than usual since it was harder to see what she was writing. Henry-17

Today he’s twenty and home from college in Boston for the summer. He follows his nose into the kitchen where apple cinnamon pancakes are hissing on the griddle, but his mother’s not looking at the food. He follows her eyes to the door frame where the faded pencil lines mark his growth. He waits until she takes the pancakes off the griddle before going to stand against the wall, feet flat on the floor and head straight, waiting.

Regina beams at him, grabbing a pencil and walking over to stand directly in front of her son. He’s been eyes level with her since he was thirteen and he’s now almost a full foot taller than her.

She starts to get up on her toes, but Henry shakes his head and gently wraps his hands around her slim waist. He looks into her eyes for confirmation and she nods at him. He carefully lifts her off the ground a few inches, just enough for her make the mark above his head like she did to him when he was the small one. Henry-20

When she was back on level ground, she gestured for him to lean down. He did and she ruffled his hair and planted a kiss on his forehead.

“No matter how big you get,” she said. “you’ll always be my little prince.”

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Anonymous asked: How do you want to be remembered?

A positive presence in the lives of my friends and family, a person who tried her best, a good friend, a kind person, a loyal person.

I value my intelligence, but I’ll get through a long long list of things before I say I want to be remembered for that. 

And as far as fame or remembrance outside of the people in my personal life, I really have no interest.

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Anonymous asked: How did you find your beta? Do you have any good advice on how to find one?

This is probably not going to be terribly helpful… ninzied reviewed the fic at the beginning, and then I chatted with her about it, and then asked her questions about the direction of it, and then asked her to read a scene for me, and then asked her to read a chapter for me, and then asked her to beta.

My style/her style work well together, so it stuck?

So urm…snowball effect? 

I don’t have everything beta’d, just the longer pieces, or things I’m having difficulty getting to work. It’s been really helpful and, I think, incredibly impactful on the final product.

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regina-and-happiness asked: Hello Beautiful Person! If you get this, you’re supposed to paste it in the ask of 10 people who deserve it. If you break the chain nothing will happen, but it’s sweet to know someone thinks you’re beautiful inside and out! :)

Thank you *hugs*

I like that this one doesn’t have an “or else” clause at the end. It’s nice.

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