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I really need a moment this season where Robin and Regina fall apart in each others’ arms.

For all their emotional closeness, they’re both so distant and tense right now.

It does need the release of a sweet kiss that goes passionate and needy, of pushing up against the wall or a tree and kissing and panting and wandering hands.

But it also needs an embrace, tears that are both happy and sad, tension and relief, anger and hope, scrabbling hands and Robin crying into Regina’s neck and Regina crying into Robin’s shoulder and hands pressing into backs and Robin’s fingers in her hair, a biting-but-not-really thief and a dutiful-but-not-really milady. A moment to pull back and stare at each other and wipe away each others’ tears and know that this is right, and everything, and forever.

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Is it because Robin Hood still loves you?

She just doesn’t even know what to do with herself, because she’s never had this particular problem. She’s never had an obstacle and not been able to convince herself that there was something she could tear down or destroy to fix it. She doesn’t know how to fix this one; she can’t even pretend. It’s unfixable, and as certain as she is that they love each other, she’s even more certain she’ll spend her life like this. Alone.

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Anonymous asked: OQ prompt: robin starts to fall back into"darkness"'or whatever it is that he used to be that he was trying to escape. Regina has to pull him back.


This is a mix of two recently provided prompts - what if Marian had actually been a spy for John (no bashing here at all, I try to really treat this idea respectfully) and the above one. So what you have is a bit sad and desperate and melancholy and sure, angsty as hell.  Hope you enjoy it all the same.

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I’ve decided staying up for tonight’s episode is probably not worth it. Message me if exciting things happen.

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