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Anonymous asked: Regina didn't look confident at all, she looked like she just wanted to disappear.


Or, you know, cry.

It’s what she does—she tries to look and sound all confident and cold because it’s her defense mechanism for when she’s feeling particularly vulnerable and heartbroken.

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Anonymous asked: Robin should let Marian call Regina whatever she wants to, that would make him a decent human being and a good husband. I don't want him to be like Belle, excusing all of Regina's actions. Marian had every right to yell at Regina and Robin had no right to try to convince her that her would-be murderer is now totally good. So yes, he should let Marian speak her mind. Marian is one of her victims and I'm disappointed that Robin has so little respect for his own wife and the mother of his son.

Wow, ok.

1. Robin doesn’t “let” Marian do anything. They are both their own individuals. 

2. He is a decent human being and was a good husband, but he’s just been blindsided by his wife coming back from the dead just when he’d fallen in love with somebody else. So let’s cut him just a tiny bit of slack for being confused and conflicted and upset, yeah?

3. He has never ever excused all of Regina’s actions. “She’s better now” isn’t saying “she’s always been good”. He’s just saying—please judge her also by what she is now, because at the very least she deserves that.

4. Marian has every right to yell at Regina.

5. Robin has every right to defend the woman he loves. In fact, I think after pursuing her and telling her he thought their timing was right and he saw a second chance in her, Robin not coming to her defense would make him an indecent human being. If he agrees that she’s the Evil Queen and deserves hatred for it, he should’ve stayed away. But he didn’t, did he? He fell in love with her, and she with him. He owes her some respect for making her believe that he had seen past the “Evil Queen”. 

6. Since when do people’s “rights” to yell have anything to do with whether or not they yell? Yelling is emotional, not rational.

7. Robin should and clearly does respect his wife, but he should also respect the woman whose bed he probably shared last night, no?

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Anonymous asked: 'All of that abuse'? All of that abuse? So now it's abuse to make Regina face someone she's done wrong and have to hear that person call her a monster to someone else - ONCE?! I wouldn't term that 'abuse'. Marian - a woman who just minutes ago knew Regina very could be the monster we know she was as the Evil Queen - was well within her rights to term her would be murderer anything she pleases.

Okay so 

1. I have nothing against Marian. I think if you look at my blog and the stuff I’ve written, that’s obvious.

2. However, this show is Regina’s, not Marian’s, so I’m not going to apologize for looking at things mostly from Regina’s pov.

3. I said in the same response that you’ve quoted at me that Marian had every right to say those things, especially from her pov. (“however well deserved from Marian’s pov”, quoting myself). I’m not mad at her for saying them; I was expressing how it must hurt Regina to hear it, in part because she knows it’s deserved.

4. Regina’s faced the consequences of what she’s done in much more hurtful ways before, so I don’t agree with this being “Once”. (“You really are the Evil Queen,” Henry once said.) And she’s changed.

5. I don’t care what horrible things you’d done—if you were making a genuine effort to be better, and had succeeded, and someone from your past showed up to yell at you, would you want everyone you love to be in the room? How would you feel if those loved ones just stood there? You dislike Robin because he didn’t violate the promises he had made to Regina, and chose to say “she’s different now”, a statement that is clearly true?

6. I was using the word abuse as a synonym for angry/hurtful words, not morally wrong ones.

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Anonymous asked: hey! i'm curious, i kinda thought there'd be a bit more distance between roland and marion? i totally get she's his mom, i actually wanna see that develop, but i mean, she's got him in her arms, cradling his head and stuff they're right up close and he's totally accepting of that. but adam said roland didn't even know her? what's your thought on this? and the "did you let her near my son?" to robin, holding roland's hand, leading him away from robin and stuff? i love the closeness, but its soon?

Roland is very young, and even though he doesn’t personally know Marian, he’s spent his childhood growing up around a father and Merry Men who did know her, and have told him stories and what she looked like etc. He knows she’s “Mama” and he knows little boys love their Mamas and go with their Mamas when they ask, so I don’t think it’s weird at all for a small child to allow his mother to pick him up. He totally has no idea what’s going on, I’m sure, so why should he fight her? The awkward questions will come later, when he and Daddy suddenly stop seeing Regina.

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Anonymous asked: That clip is heartbreaking, but can we talk about how after David makes his quip about no one being incinerated and Regina looks hurt, Snow immediately asks Regina if she's all right? I just love that Snow seems genuinely concerned for Regina, not because she's concerned that Regina will lash out, but because she cares for Regina.

That must’ve been confusing for Marian. Imagine if you had heart about Once Upon a Time, and how it was based around the Evil Queen and Snow White, and then you turned on this scene and heard from Snow White, “Regina, are you all right?” That’s how Marian feels.

But yes, thank you Snow, I was very pleased with that. The other people in the room who seemed genuinely concerned for her and not at all worried about what she’d do? Henry, of course. And Robin. Interesting.

David puts his foot in his mouth sometimes. Regina just sort of scoffed at him though; I think she’s far past little quips like that hurting, at least on the surface. Yes, haha, I’m the Evil Queen. Hilarious.

Except when they come from Robin’s wife in front of him and her son. Then she’s not so much of a fan.

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Anonymous asked: I don't like robin's reaction in the diner scene, his wife is confused and scared and doesn't know what's going on, but his first priority is to defend Regina, he's not even thinking about his wife's feelings and how awful it's for her to find out that her husband not only moved on, but with the EQ of all people!

The guy isn’t perfect. What was he supposed to do? Would you like him better if he just stood there and let Regina take all of that abuse, however well deserved from Marian’s pov?

He’s seriously in love with Regina, and whatever bad things Marian knows about her, that isn’t the present truth for Robin.

It is childish, what he does, in a way. He takes Marian by the hand and says “You’re important to me, and I want you to meet Regina because she’s important to me. She’s really great, I promise you.” And then he essentially says the same thing to Regina, and, “I want us to talk about this” as if talking will resolve any of it.

Emotion dictates how we react immediately in situations like these, and I think the fact that the first thing he thinks when something huge and emotional happens to him is Regina find Regina tell Regina is supposed to tell us something about where his heart truly lies. I don’t think it’s really even occurred to him exactly what Regina must be feeling until he steps out of that door and sees her devastated face. Then his wife says “monster” and Regina tenses up and walks away and he goes—shit, I have no idea what to do. And that’s when his heart drops and he decides he has to listen to his head, too; honor his obligation to his wife.

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Anonymous asked: Regina is very confident in that clip in the diner, isn't she? "I was the EQ, I'm not that person anymore". And acting as if she still has a chance with Robin. I was expecting more self-doubt.

I don’t think she was acting like she still had a chance with Robin. She directly said to Emma “A future that’s now gone.” 

And the reaction about the Evil Queen—even though she said “I didn’t do that. That other woman did,” and even though she has every right to believe that, because she really isn’t the same person anymore, she looked pretty damn horrified when Emma said it was the EQ they rescued Marian from. So I think she said that more as a dig at Emma, a “how dare you pass this off as my fault, Miss Swan” when really deep down she’s wondering if it is.

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Anonymous asked: I know they wanted to get this reveal out of the way as soon as possible, but it was a bit funny that Marian immediately jumped to conclusions that Regina and Robin are together just because he wanted her to meet Regina.

I think she jumped to that conclusion because Robin held Regina’s arm and said “I want us all to talk about this”. 

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#the moment when you see two people who love each other so deeply #but can’t be together #:(

#it’s so obviously killing both of them #and this isn’t even THE scene

Now that I’m a littler calmer here I can’t resist adding some commentary.

I feel the worst for Regina at the beginning of this scene, when she walks outside and just…laughs at herself because of course this has happened to her, it’s funny isn’t it—her pain. Always the villain.

But in this scene, this moment—poor Robin. Regina looks at him, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen that face before—so in love with him, and so hurt, and trying just a little bit to look angry, because she hates him for this, she really does, but she loves him more.

And he sees all of that in her face, and it guts him, all of that pain; he just wants to say something, hold her, make it better because I just never thought I’d have this and he knows she’s going to think she deserved this, and he brushed away her tears this afternoon and cradled her hand against his chest and offered to share his heart, and he does, it’s hers, but he can’t take away her pain because he’s the one who’s hurting her. And also somewhere in there is this desire for her to hold him and take away his pain as well. But she can’t, and he can’t. They can’t

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Anonymous asked: hello :) i have a prompt if you don't mind - hans arrives in storybrooke and regina goes on a date with him to get information out of him. robin sees them - he becomes insanely jealous but is also heartbroken and because this is the first time he's seen her smile in months as she's been avoiding him and all he can think is that he used to make her smile like that and he longs for her even when he shouldn't. maybe a confrontation and more angst at the end? up to you <3 thank you so muchhhh :D

Also a really cool idea which has been, quite sadly, collecting dust in my inbox. Anyone want to take this one on? It could be really interesting to see.

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